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Our Story

Anycarortruck is an independent automobile dealer that provides our customers with the ability to buy or lease a new vehicle from any manufacturer. Because our dealerships do not pay franchise fees and do not carry large inventories required by the manufacturers, Anycarortruck can pass those savings directly to you the customer and save you money on your next lease or purchase. 

After spending 30 years as a dealer representing multiple manufacturers, it became clear that the manufacturers are only interested in volume and that dealerships must find ways to grow sales against competition and deal with the reality that in many areas of the country, the driving population is actually decreasing. To combat this, many dealers have turned to independent automobile brokers to help achieve their volume requirements set by the manufacturers.  Additionally, the unsatisfactory customer experience in dealerships has pushed customers to seek out a better way to buy a car.

Welcome to the better way.

The experience gained as a dealer over 30 years can now be put to use for you to negotiate the best deal on your behalf with dealers who are already doing business through brokers. 

We make it possible for you to buy or lease any car from any manufacturer at a better price than you would get if you walked into that dealer to make the deal yourself.

Anycarortruck handles the entire transaction- from credit application, locating and procuring the car to insurance and delivery of the vehicle- and all for less than the competition.